Media Adventures
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About Media Adventures

We've worked hard to gather one of the finest team of film producers, authors, script writers, editors, Photoshop artists, photographers, directors, musicians, artists and other creative types to enhance all of our projects.

We're proud of our team and all of us at Media Adventures and Fun and Games Productions look forward to being at your service.

Our Team

Debra Brubaker
Executive Producer

Kevin Brubaker
Executive Producer
Public Relations

Michael R. Helgens
Executive Producer

The Crew

These folks have made an outstanding contribution to our efforts and we want to take a moment to recognize their contribution. They've been there when we needed them the most!

Tim DuFresne

Tim has been with us on nearly every project and served in nearly every capacity that exists on filming days. Thank you, Tim!

Sara Horvath

The star of Jump Start. We're so glad you're with us.

Elizabeth Herb

Elizabeth has been with us at nearly every project and provides world class make-up artist services. We've got no goo without you!

Greg Wayt

Always up for joining us at Ghengis Grill and for any other thing we ask him to do.

Travis Bails

A comic after our own hearts. Mr. Bails provides his clever stylings to our characters quite often.

Brittany Spears

She had the name first...we're sure of it. Unlike those other Brittany Spearses this one has always said yes to working with us.

Newton Nicholson

A talented writer who brought us Lunch Time and with whom we hope to continue to have many fantastic adventures.

Greg Kilberger

The Watson to Michael's Holmes, he's a fantastic performer and an excellent friend of our company.

Scott Strosahl

The owner of Strobie Studios. We very much enjoy working together!

Cody "Maxwell" Burk

He shows up when we need him (most of the time).

Kelli Smith

Very few people are as brave as she. She was our hostess at The Cheesecake Factory and was happy to join a group of people she had never met to film a movie in two days.

Susan Wynn Lunning

A great actress and master of comedy.

Corby Galloway

One of our favorite folks to have taking behind the scenes photos.

Brad Cerny

Quick to show up and always happy to help.

Tina Wiechert

We don't trust a lot of folks to pick up a camera, but Tina is up for the task!

Mikeal Burgin

The guy in charge at Okapi Pictures has joined us for more than one filming adventure. We're excited for many more!

Sarah Herriott

Sarah came quite a ways to make filming possible and thanks to her work we've seen all sorts of excellent forward movement.

Roxy Running

Roxy is a whirlwind of energy and we're always happy to have her along!

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