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The Legend of Lochlinlea

The Legend of Lochlinlea is a trilogy of books by Michael R. Helgens, one of our executive producters. You'll find book trailers, and links to purchase each book below (click on the title of each book to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase print or kindle copies of the books). If you are interested in ordering autographed copies please send a message to Michael directly at

The Lochlinleans came to Earth when their civilization was at the edge of collapse and saw their salvation in our past. They used their advanced technology to recreate their world in the image of Earth. 

The Mystery of Magic brings together four United Nations Ambassadors who are invited to travel to Lochlinlea to provide consultative services as the Lochlinleans prepare to advance to the next era of Earth history and introduce new technology. They soon discover that they are part of a prophecy that tells of heroes from another realm that will save Lochlinlea from a terrible evil by taking on the trappings of Lochlinlean citizens--including being granted technological implants that will allow them to manipulate magic. Together they begin their quest to save Lochlinlea and fulfill their true purpose.

Ryan Jonas, Alise Silinis, Nathan Sternberg and Charles Connelly were four United Nations Ambassadors. They were chosen to travel to Lochlinlea to assist the people there to advance their technology. When they arrived they became a holy warrior, a scholar, a locksmith and a magician to blend in with their new surroundings and soon discovered that they would need their newly acquired abilities to both Lochlinlea and Earth. As part of a prophecy that names them as the Heroes of Lochlinlea the four unlikely adventurers must face Xerith as he gathers his forces to destroy Lochlinlea, the ulterior motives of the magician, Nicholas Drinn, who has plans to bring both Lochlinlea and Earth under his control, a Russian Mafioso, Maksimillian Zhukov, interested in the power Lochlinlea can grant him and a multitude of other dangers. 

They must find a way back to each other, learn the truth about magic and stop the evil plots that threaten our world and Lochlinlea before one of their adversaries finds a way to enact their plans. Return to Lochlinlea to learn what has become of the Ambassadors after an explosion left most of them missing and one of them near death.

Book Three: The Maelstrom of Magic

Book Three Coming Soon!

The Maelstrom of Magic is still being written. We'll post more information here as it becomes available.

About the Author: Michael R. Helgens

Michael Helgens lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spends his time making things to entertain folks. He enjoys acting of all sorts as he embodies Dr. Simon Pervarious in Jump Start from Fun & Games Productions and he lends his voice to Spencer Holmes, the grandson of Sherlock Holmes in Strobie Studio’s The Watson Files. When he’s not busy creating entertainment for the masses he delights in spending time with his close friends and attempting to slake his seemingly insatiable thirst for adventure. You can learn more about his adventures and upcoming work by following him on Twitter (@Raldage) or via his author page on Facebook (Michael R. Helgens).